Monday, April 7, 2014

Outfit | Alleyways & Payphone Calls

// All clothing items were thrifted 
Photos by: Alex Kofman and Madeleine Browning

The ultimate thrifted outfit for a breezy San Francisco day.
It is crazy to think Maddy and I's road-trip out West was only three weeks ago, i am already missing California so much. I wore this ensemble on the day following our arrival to San Francisco. We spent the day in the Mission district (my favorite spot in the city,) starting off with breakfast and bottomless mimosa's, passing through Clarion Alley, and spending the rest of the day thrifting on Valencia street. I swear, SF has the best thrift shopping in the world. Maddy can definitely vouch for that. Ultimately I wanted to wear something comfortable to walk around all day in, yet accommodating to the bipolar and unpredictable weather of San Francisco. 

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