Monday, October 20, 2014

New NAKEDORANGE // Coming Soon!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by.
NAKEDORANGE is in the process of getting revamped, therefore any new blog posts are on hold for the next 2 weeks. Thank you so much for your patience, I will be back soon with an even bigger and better website for you to explore. Until then! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Outfit | Desert Dreamer

Thrifted top / Thrifted skirt / ZARA sandals
Photos by: Natalie Allen

Happy hump day to you all! I am posting a rather short entry on this beautiful overcast day while drinking my morning coffee. 
I got the opportunity to shoot with the gorgeous and talented Natalie Allen this week, I am so thrilled with how the photos came out and can't wait to share them all! This outfit is a rather unusual for me, seeing as my personal style is much more grungy and laid back most of the time, but I wanted to try something a bit more feminine and romantic while still keeping an edgy feel. I found this asymmetrical skirt years ago during one of my visits to Flagstaff. I completely fell in love with the way it flowed and the dark neutral tone it has. I paired it with a fairly simple off-the-shoulder white shirt and added my personal touch to the look with some glittery platforms. They aren't the easiest to walk in, but they are so unique that I am willing to take the risk of tripping over myself (I am still patiently waiting for that day to come). I found these amazing platforms during one of ZARA's annual sales, i just could not let myself walk out of the store without them. 
A huge thank you to Natalie for working with me in the brutal heat and for being so lovely all around. You can check out Natalie's amazing work on her website, blog and Instagram
Thanks again for checking in and enjoy this beautiful Wednesday!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Outfit | City Lights

Thrifted Blouse / ZARA shorts / TUK creepers
Photos by: Kristine Morgan

Here is another set of photos from my shoot with Kristine a couple of weeks ago. This black sheer blouse was handed down to me by my mother. It is such a perfect basic piece, and the fact that it is vintage makes it that much more special. I wanted to incorporate it into a simple yet edgy outfit by using the lace shorts to soften up the look, and wore my platform creepers to add some interest. Hope you enjoyed this short little post!
Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to check out Kristine's work on Instagram and her blog!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Outfit | Shadow of the Sun

ZARA dress / Lucky Brand necklaces / Free People sunglasses / Justin boots
Photos by: Kristine Morgan

As many of you know by now (since i keep complaining about it,) the summer heat in Arizona is pretty brutal. Personally, i try to stay as comfortable as i can be in this type of weather, so my wardrobe consists mainly of basics and oversized tops/dresses. I love being able to throw something simple on and head out the door quickly. This oversized dress is a perfect basic piece and might still be available on sale at ZARA! It made roaming around downtown a lot more more bearable under the harsh sun. 
I finally had the pleasure of shooting with the lovely Kristine Morgan. She made our little adventure so enjoyable with her witty personality and funny comments, i can hardly wait to collaborate with her again! Makes sure to head over to her website and blog to take a look at her work! You can also find Kristine on Instagram. Go give her a follow!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Outfit | Denim x Denim

FreePeople Hat / Thrifted jacket / Thrifted shirt / Urban Renewal shorts / Justin boots
Photos by: Daniel Primero

Denim wear has become quite the trend this past season and i have to say i'm a bit late to jump on the bandwagon. The Arizona heat is crucial during the summertime so i try to stay away from denim as much as i can.  Regardless, i decided to make due with the few pieces i do have to create my own take on the trend. I went for a very simple and organic outfit and added interest by accessorizing. It is the perfect outfit for an easygoing day of exploring new parts of town, which might i add look nothing like what i would expect to find in Arizona!
A huge thank you to Daniel Primero for continuously being up for exploring and shooting with me, it is always a pleasure. Make sure to check out his Tumblr and Instagram account! He is quite the talented photographer. 
Thanks for checking in! Until next time. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Outfit | Simplicity

H&M top / Insight shorts / Urban Outfitters bralette / Forever21 sandals / Free People hat / Hype purse
Photos by: Daniel Primero

As a blogger myself, i would be expected to have lists of blogs to scroll through daily, but to be honest looking at successful bloggers today has become a bit of a drag (and maybe a little bit depressing.) With their expensive clothes and shoes, their styles seem so far out of reach and although inspiring, it is very hard to replicate. While thinking about the concept of bloggers being successful people dressed in fancy clothes i may never be able to afford, i have realized that much of my content normally isn't actual day-to-day outfits, but more so planned photo shoots. So i thought, what would i want to see from a blogger? Personally, it would be so refreshing to see simple outfits that are actually being worn throughout the day to draw inspiration from! So here it is, a simple outfit for those 100 degree weather days out here in the desert. My black top is super light weight which is great for the heat as well as these baggy "boyfriend" shorts if you will. These shorts look almost identical to those $100 One Teaspoon shorts i've been dying to own, but were about $85 less. (Thank you Buffalo Exchange!) My matador hat and black sandals have also been my summer must-haves. They can dress up any simple outfit, which is great for this time of the year where the heat makes it nearly impossible to dress in style. 
I hope my fellow Arizonians are surviving in this crazy summer heat, and to the rest of the world, i wish i were you right now. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Outfit | WILDCAT

 Brandy Melville top / H&M shorts / Vintage jacket
Photos by: James Stewart

This shoot by far has to be one of my favorites. I drove up to downtown Prescott and explored the little town alleyways searching for hidden gems. I worked the whole look around this amazing varsity jacket that belonged to my mother she she was in college in Chicago! It is in mint condition and i am just so in love with colors (my favorite colors being orange and black...figures). I wanted to wear something very casual and raw, so i wore the classic white tank, high waisted denim and chucks. I also gave myself four French braids to try a little something new now that my hair is short. I have to say, i felt a little bit like a badass with my hair slicked back in braids.