Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Outift | Plant Life

La boutique sweater and shirt / Thrifted jacket / ZARA jeans and boots / Lucky Brand purse
Photos by: Alex Kofman

Another long overdue post from my road-trip to California with my good friend Madeleine. We stumbled upon an amazing little boutique called The General Store, which has an adorable little greenhouse in the back. It was so charming and beautiful, I could live there if it weren't 100 degrees inside.
Since San Francisco is known for it's bipolar weather, i decided to wear clothes that i could layer up, yet easily take off if the temperature was to rise. My button up with a cutout back would be perfect to wear by itself on a warm day, but I decided to layer on a sweater it to make it fit for the weather. Lastly, this amazing leather jacket I found at Buffalo Exchange kept me extra warm from the strong San Francisco winds.