Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Outfit | Mondaze

What an exciting week, school has officially begun! 
I thought i would express my excitement through this outfit, it's very clear and straight to the point, don't you think? I really just slept through my alarm clock and ended up rushing out the door so i threw on a large T-shirt and boots. Inspired by Miley Cyrus, that morning my hair "couldn't be tamed" and "could not stop," so i gave myself some buns. A little bit of an irony here after seeing the VMA's... ha ha ha (I really do think I'm funny, it's okay you don't have to laugh). For those of you who have also just started school i apologies, and congrats! Let's finish this semester with a bang.

Shirt - Unif
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell (via Nastygal.com)
Bag - Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses - Thrifted

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